Pros and Cons of Using Laptops in Classrooms

by admin

Should laptops be used in the classroom? This is a topic that has been debated by many parents and educators. The question becomes are there any educational benefits to allowing students to use laptops while in class, and what are the negative affects.

Pros of Using Laptops in Classrooms

Students have access to unlimited research resources, and this can expand the learning experience. If a student is studying geography, social studies or history they can find a great deal of information on the Internet. Language software provides an advanced way of learning a new language, and many schools use computer programs rather than traditional methods of teaching a new language. Students have the ability to use public libraries, such as the Library of Congress which has a vast amount of educational data available.

Subjects like 3D modeling, animation, biology and health use computer technology. By using laptops in classrooms students can work on projects more effectively. There are many educational benefits of allowing students to use a laptop in class.

Cons of Using Laptops in Classrooms

One of the biggest drawbacks is that not all students have laptops, and this can be a disadvantage to some students if the school doesn’t provide laptops to use in class.

Another thing to consider is students using their laptops in class for non-educational purposes like accessing social websites or playing computer games.

Although there are some cons about using laptops in classrooms the advantages seem to out-weigh the negatives.

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